Why Everyone Needs an Email List

There seems to still be a large number of webmasters who still don’t see building an email list as an important part of their business. This is stunning in today’s online world, and that misconception seems to be rooted in the thought that only formal business sites or actual Internet marketers need an email list. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The very moment you have a solid base of online posts that you can be proud of and a free report to offer or service to sell, it’s time to look at building an email list. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of providers out there who can help store the emails in your list and help you build off of that base. MailChimp.com is one example, and their services are free as long as your list is small enough. Aweber.com is perhaps the best known example, and both can provide great long-term services for what you need.

Sign up for an account and follow those instructions with whoever you go with. You always want a spot high up in the header or sidebar of your website, or even set up an offer where you give a free report. Why do you need email addresses?

Simply put: it gives you control of your business. You’re getting a list of customers who want to trust you, want more information, want more of your knowledge, and are pre-disposed to wanting to buy from you. This doesn’t rely on SEO, fickle social media, or expensive PPV campaigns. Build your email list and you build a community that wants to support you – and may help you make your online fortune, as well!