Disadvantages of Using Free WordPress Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting solution is extremely important for online success. If you are planning to create a profitable blogging business then finding a reliable server should be your first priority. Using a free host might seem like a good idea but it isn’t. Free plans come with many serious disadvantages, some of which are highlighted in the following paragraphs.


Companies offer free hosting plans just to promote themselves and get new clients. To cut costs, these companies use shady tactics like overselling, using poor quality hardware and putting too many websites on a single server. Due to these reasons free hosting is always unreliable. If you want your site to stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you should go for a paid solution.

Speed is another issue that you need to think about. For high search engine rankings and conversion rates your site needs to be blazing fast but you can’t achieve this with a free plan.

Poor Customer Support

Sooner or later every blogger faces technical problems. That is why professional customer support is extremely important. Unfortunately free hosting providers don’t offer any support to their users. This is a very serious disadvantage, especially for those people who don’t have any technical experience.

Other Issues

Monetizing a free wordpress site is very difficult. Most of the times users are not allowed to put any ads on their blogs. Similarly the use of third-party plugins and scripts is also restricted in many cases.

If you are serious about your online career then you should stay away from free web hosting solutions.