Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating Your First Website

A website can take your business to the next level and thanks to content management systems like WordPress, going online has become extremely easy. However there are some things that you must be careful about when creating your site. Here are a few things that seem unimportant but can make or break a website:

1. Picking up a WordPress theme from a bad source

Sometimes, users install a WordPress theme from unknown sources which might infest the site with malicious links and affect performance. So, try downloading and installing free WordPress themes from or other trusted providers. The premium themes available for free on torrent sites are often riddled with malware. Make sure you don’t use them.

2. Not installing Google Analytics

It is just like driving a car without headlights when you don’t use google analytics. It is considered as one of the best web analytics services which helps you in monitoring your website traffic, knowing about the keywords to generate more traffic and keeping a track of behavior of the visitors to your site. You can analyze the insights and work on the areas that need improvement.

3. Not creating a mobile friendly version

Smartphones and tablets have become common nowadays. As people are rapidly adopting new technologies, creating a mobile friendly website has gained a lot of importance. So, you can choose a responsive WordPress theme which can automatically adapt to the screen size of the device. You can also use the available mobile plug-ins like WPTap or WPtouch to create a mobile compatible site. The first option is the better one because plugins don’t always work very well for creating a mobile version.

If you are careful while building your website, you can avoid a lot of problems down the line and create something that is truly beneficial for your business.

How A Responsive Design Can Help Your SEO Efforts

In today’s day and age, the majority of the population tends to keep their cell phones on them at all times. These devices tag along with us on dates, to family events, and even when we’re out and about all alone. Cell phones are able to fit the entire internet in the few inches of space that they possess, and then people are able to fit those few inches in their pockets, purses, and anywhere else that they find convenient at the time. The entirety of all the world’s knowledge and entertainment is able to be pulled out of one’s pocket in just a matter of seconds. So, how does a website creator make sure that the knowledge and entertainment their particular part of the internet produces is easily accessible to all of the people wanting to view it? The answer lies in one very important Google update.

Within the last month or so, Google’s mobile algorithm underwent an absolutely internet-shattering update. Because of this recent change, it has become more important than ever before for anybody with a website to make that website mobile-friendly. Websites and web pages that fail to do so have a very good chance of being completely knocked out of the search results when somebody uses Google on their cell phone. People will no longer have to deal with clicking on a link in a search result just to be brought to a mobile-unfriendly website that causes them to constantly have to zoom and swipe. This is phenomenal news for the people performing the Google Searches, but this can mean the end of your website if you don’t update to mobile-friendly as soon as humanly possible. So, what are you waiting for? Update your site now and be sure to stay at the top of the ranks.

Why Everyone Needs an Email List

There seems to still be a large number of webmasters who still don’t see building an email list as an important part of their business. This is stunning in today’s online world, and that misconception seems to be rooted in the thought that only formal business sites or actual Internet marketers need an email list. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The very moment you have a solid base of online posts that you can be proud of and a free report to offer or service to sell, it’s time to look at building an email list. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of providers out there who can help store the emails in your list and help you build off of that base. is one example, and their services are free as long as your list is small enough. is perhaps the best known example, and both can provide great long-term services for what you need.

Sign up for an account and follow those instructions with whoever you go with. You always want a spot high up in the header or sidebar of your website, or even set up an offer where you give a free report. Why do you need email addresses?

Simply put: it gives you control of your business. You’re getting a list of customers who want to trust you, want more information, want more of your knowledge, and are pre-disposed to wanting to buy from you. This doesn’t rely on SEO, fickle social media, or expensive PPV campaigns. Build your email list and you build a community that wants to support you – and may help you make your online fortune, as well!

Why Your Video’s Title is Just as Important as the Title of a Book

Videos are a fantastic form of entertainment and knowledge. Videos are constantly being uploaded to YouTube and other similar sites, and you can easily find new videos appearing on the internet every single day. No matter who you are, nearly everybody is able to create a video and post it on the internet. This is a fantastic thing for those who create websites. No longer do web pages and blog posts have to be filled with word after word of text. A video can be incorporated in almost no time and give you the power to grasp the attention of people who may have otherwise just scrolled by. However, there are millions upon millions of videos in the world already, so how do you make yours beg to be watched?

Some may say that a book is only as good as its title and cover. A book with a terrible title and cover artwork can be doomed to fail. This is a horribly sad but true fact. Much is the same when it comes to videos. A video can be well done and amazing, but if the title doesn’t grasp a person’s attention, they’ll pass it by. A video’s title needs two very important things: to be clever and informative. Your title needs to come up in results when people search, and it needs to stand out from the rest so it becomes the video people decide to watch over all the others. Your video is no doubt, already fantastic, give it a fantastic and relevant title to go along with it.