Learn How to Pick a WordPress Hosting Service

Finding a good hosting service is very important. This article has some useful tips on how to pick a WordPress hosting service. There are some important things that you have to consider when looking for a hosting service. These factors are very important if you want your website to perform well.

a. Reliability

It is an important factor that you have to consider. The service that you choose should be 100% reliable. Many hosting services offer uptime guarantee to their clients. It means that you do not have to worry about downtime and that your site will always stay online. You can get your money back if the server starts crashing frequently. Staying online is not only important for user-experience but also for search engine rankings. A good server can improve your website’s performance on the Internet. Online reviews can help you find the a reliable hosting service.

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b. Support

A good hosting service usually has a good support team that is available 24 hours a day. It means that you can contact these support team members anytime you have problems with your hosting service. In addition good companies also provide tutorials and how-to articles to their clients.

c. Server loading speed

This is another important factor that you have to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting service. Different companies may offer different server loading speed. You have to choose the a company that offers fast servers to clients. Website speed is a very important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

The tips given in this article will help you find the right WordPress web hosting service. There are many hosting companies that are available on the Internet. Finding the right one is very crucial for improving your business performance. Therefore, you have to consider the factors given in this article.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers

Although dedicated servers continue to remain the most popular way to host websites, they do have a few minor drawbacks. Understanding these issues is crucial for those interested in purchasing a dedicated hosting plan. Before we begin, let’s remind ourselves of the basic mechanism which dedicated servers follow. Servers for hosting are either shared or exclusive, and dedicated servers fall in the latter group. In this hosting everything constituting a single server, from the hardware to the connection to IP, works for the purpose of running just one website. Having a full system to yourself is never cheap, so those availing dedicated servers are usually websites reaping enormous amounts of revenue or storing extremely sensitive data.

The biggest disadvantage of a dedicated server system is its cost. While other hosting services come at nominal rates (even free) ranging from $5 to $100, dedicated servers can cost higher up to three digit amounts. Combine that with maintenance charges and charges for installing extra software and scripts, and you’ll come to see why most dedicated server hosts go out of range for an average entrepreneur.

A second inherent problem is sophistication of technology involved. Few webmasters have the technical acumen it takes to successfully run a dedicated server system. The only alternative left, of course, is to ask the hosting companies to themselves provide for the required technical support. This route, called “Managed” dedicated server hosting, is more expensive, and often less satisfactory than its alternative. Thus, it is important for a client to fully understand the intricate working mechanism of the dedicated server to ensure a decent run. It really makes no sense spending bucks on an expensive dedicated server and then losing out on most of the potential benefits just due to lousy handling.

Third problem is related to the features that come with the server system. Most shared servers have a standard set of scripts and software pre-installed with the server for simultaneous use by each of its users. But in case of a dedicated server, the choice of scripts and software is left to the webmaster. This, though a potential advantage, can be cumbersome and expensive. Often, security issues demand a full on Database Management System or encryption utility. Thus, it is important for the webmaster to have a good understanding of site building and the complex technology involved in it.

Opting for a dedicated server involves thorough inspection of the exact needs and demands of your website. If the security, data and bandwidth requirements outweigh the cost and the extra labor demands, then a dedicated server host is sure to be a perfect aid. On a final note, it is not essential or suitable for every website owner to get themselves a dedicated server. The intrinsic purpose of web hosting is production of revenue, and the sole purpose of business web hosting is generation of profit. Thus, it has to be ensured that the web hosting method you are opting for will take into account your net monetary benefits as well, along with technicalities and specific facility required.

Disadvantages of Using Free WordPress Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting solution is extremely important for online success. If you are planning to create a profitable blogging business then finding a reliable server should be your first priority. Using a free host might seem like a good idea but it isn’t. Free plans come with many serious disadvantages, some of which are highlighted in the following paragraphs.


Companies offer free hosting plans just to promote themselves and get new clients. To cut costs, these companies use shady tactics like overselling, using poor quality hardware and putting too many websites on a single server. Due to these reasons free hosting is always unreliable. If you want your site to stay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then you should go for a paid solution.

Speed is another issue that you need to think about. For high search engine rankings and conversion rates your site needs to be blazing fast but you can’t achieve this with a free plan.

Poor Customer Support

Sooner or later every blogger faces technical problems. That is why professional customer support is extremely important. Unfortunately free hosting providers don’t offer any support to their users. This is a very serious disadvantage, especially for those people who don’t have any technical experience.

Other Issues

Monetizing a free wordpress site is very difficult. Most of the times users are not allowed to put any ads on their blogs. Similarly the use of third-party plugins and scripts is also restricted in many cases.

If you are serious about your online career then you should stay away from free web hosting solutions.