A Few Noteworthy WordPress Users

WordPress is an established and renowned blogging platform which is used by a huge number of bloggers and hobbyists around the globe. Due to this many people disregard it as a serious and reliable business solution. But the truth is quite opposite. Here are some of the examples which makes it clear that WordPress is in fact a plausible business solution and is being used by some of the top companies to develop their websites.

1. New York Post

The New York Post is popular both locally in the United States and globally. Guess what! It also runs on WordPress. This is surprising information as one would expect the New York Post to opt for a paid platform. The open source WordPress platform makes all the information easily accessible to any potential reader.

2. Best Buy

Best Buy is among the most profitable retail stores in the United States and it also trusts WordPress to create an online presence. More than a thousand of Best Buy local store blogs run on WordPress. Additionally, the Best Buy mobile site is also powered by WordPress. Considering how massive Best Buy is and its outreach, its undoubtedly right to conclude that WordPress is a great choice for any retail businesses that is aiming to market and advertise online.

3. Fortune Magazine

Fortune is a popular online magazine tailored for the business centric audience. It contains news on the global and local economic situation. This magazine is also powered by WordPress. Business and economics are considered more serious news as compared to gossip sites therefore some expect that such a company would prefer a platform that requires payment, because payment indicates seriousness. However, Fortune chooses to use WordPress to power its website and this establishes it as a versatile platform that can be used by all sorts of publishing companies.