Why Your Video’s Title is Just as Important as the Title of a Book

Videos are a fantastic form of entertainment and knowledge. Videos are constantly being uploaded to YouTube and other similar sites, and you can easily find new videos appearing on the internet every single day. No matter who you are, nearly everybody is able to create a video and post it on the internet. This is a fantastic thing for those who create websites. No longer do web pages and blog posts have to be filled with word after word of text. A video can be incorporated in almost no time and give you the power to grasp the attention of people who may have otherwise just scrolled by. However, there are millions upon millions of videos in the world already, so how do you make yours beg to be watched?

Some may say that a book is only as good as its title and cover. A book with a terrible title and cover artwork can be doomed to fail. This is a horribly sad but true fact. Much is the same when it comes to videos. A video can be well done and amazing, but if the title doesn’t grasp a person’s attention, they’ll pass it by. A video’s title needs two very important things: to be clever and informative. Your title needs to come up in results when people search, and it needs to stand out from the rest so it becomes the video people decide to watch over all the others. Your video is no doubt, already fantastic, give it a fantastic and relevant title to go along with it.