How to Effectively Use Google’s Disavow Tool?

In early October 2012, the famous Google’s disavow links tool was launched. This was to make it easier for a website owner to remove some of the shady links that may have been built by a former SEO company.

Google’s disavow links tool is a tool which should be used to inform Google which incoming links you would want them to ignore. It can be used by those who have been notified of link spam by having unnatural links pointing to their site. Before you disavow your links, make sure you make the considerations below:

Don’t Use it if You Were Not Penalized

Most people who use this tool are those who were penalized by the penguin for unnatural links. On the other hand, if your site was not penalized, using the tool can actually be shooting yourself in the foot; showing Google that you have actually been manipulating the system. There is no need for you to use the tool if you were not penalized.

You May Be Disavowing Good Links

It is almost impossible to tell if a certain link is spammy or not. Therefore, you may be doing yourself more harm than good if you start using the tool to disavow links that have actually been good for your site.

Do You Really Have to Change Your Link Building Plan?

Link building is a long-term SEO method. Instead of wasting your time looking for bad links that you may have used, you can instead create more authority links, especially if you were not notified of any violation. The more good links you have, the more the bad ones don’t matter.

You May Hurt Other Websites and Get Your Site Affected Too

One of the biggest fears that people had when this tool was announced was the fact that competitors can use it maliciously. Although it is still unclear, if Google was to discredit the sites that were disavowed, it would potentially bring down honest sites, including yours.